Miscellaneous resources for math faculty, with thanks to MATYCONN Presenters

Sabbatical Leave Project Presented by Pam Frost (MxCC), Fall 2016 MATYCONN Meeting

iPad Apps for Math Presented by Hendree Milward (TxCC), Spring 2012 MATYCONN Meeting

The Calculus of Everyday Living or Today Is the Tomorrow We Worried About Yesterday The Teacher as Coach Presented by Herb Gross, Fall 2011 MATYCONN Meeting

IA-automorphisms of various classes of groups Presented by Marcos Zyman, Spring 2011 MATYCONN Meeting

Enhancing mathematics teaching and learning: What students have taught us Presented by Fabiana Cardetti, Spring 2011 MATYCONN Meeting

Miscellaneous Online Resources for Enhancing Student Understanding Presented by Pam Frost, Fall 2010 MATYCONN Meeting

Resources for Statistics Presented by Janet Zupkus, Spring 2010 MATYCONN Meeting