Pam Frost – Sabbatical Leave Project Spring 2016



Pam Frost I applied for and received a sabbatical leave for the Spring 2016 Semester to work on a special project.  The main objectives of the project was to first review and develop materials that will support the common learning outcomes of the entry-level algebra course in Connecticut community colleges (Intermediate Algebra).  Second to coordinate with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for Mathematics in K-12 and comparable Intermediate Algebra courses at the Connecticut state universities.  As time permitted, I also did the same for our developmental/remedial Elementary Algebra course.  One of my outcomes was to review open source math materials and technology tools that align with CCSS and AMATYC Standards.  As a result I have provided a summary of my findings and recommendations.  It was determined the best way to share these results would be through the MATYCONN website.

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What follows are the results of my review:


Intermediate Algebra

      Elementary Algebra

For more information about the full project and other outcomes:

 Sabbatical Leave Proposal

Sabbatical Leave Final Report