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 [[http://​matyconn.matyc.org/​files/​Newsletters/​MatyconnNewsletter-2019Spring.pdf|Spring 2019 Newsletter]] [[http://​matyconn.matyc.org/​files/​Newsletters/​MatyconnNewsletter-2019Spring.pdf|Spring 2019 Newsletter]]
 ===== Upcoming Event ===== ===== Upcoming Event =====
 + <​span style="​color:​red;​font-size:​150%;">​Update:</​span>​
-Fall 2019 Meeting ​FridayOctober 18, 2019, from 10 am to 2 pm[[ https://​www.gatewayct.edu/| Gateway CC]]+**Due to the current COVID-19 situationour Spring Meeting has been cancelled.**
-**Parking Information** +**The MATYCONN board has decided to hold the spring MATYCONN “Business” meeting ​on FridayApril 242020, from 1:30 to 2:30 pmthrough WebEx.**
-Attendees should park in the Temple Street Garage (entrances ​on FrontageGeorgeand Crown Streets) and bring the parking ticket along with a photo ID to the any college entrance (corner of Crown/​Church or George/​Church) to be validated at the security kiosk. Security guards can direct members to the North Building Rooms N401 and N301. The clearance in the garage is 6 ftso large cars will not fit.+
-Visitors need to email Amanda Sweeney (ASweeney@gwcc.commnet.edu),​ so she can add visitor names to the list for the garage. 
-[[http://matyconn.matyc.org/files/​Meetings/​f19/​fall2019MATYCONNflyerGCC.pdf|Meeting Flyer]] +<​del>​Spring 2020 Meeting - Friday, April 24th, 2020, from 12pm to 4pm[[ https://www.trcc.commnet.edu/| Three Rivers CC]]
 +“What is Data Science” - Professor Aaron Clark, SCSU
-[[http://​matyconn.matyc.org/files/​Meetings/​f19/​MATYfall2019MeetingREG_Form.pdf|Registration Form]] (You can edit this form online before printing)+It is tricky to define “data science” given that the field is rapidly evolving, 
 +but there are some thematic elements which most practitioners and 
 +theoreticians agree on that Aaron will discussAs an example of data 
 +science, Aaron will talk about machine learning - what it is, what it can 
 +accomplish, and how it worksAaron will conclude his presentation 
 +describing the data science program at Southern.<​/del>
-[[https://​forms.office.com/​Pages/​ResponsePage.aspx?​id=ePidZ3onakmsjdmeWGBt2eCGLODgrDFHmaK-zmXWtqFURUtPNTZHTlhBRU1LMEgxVEUwSktGS1UxTS4u|Online Registration Form]] ​+[[http://​matyconn.matyc.org/​files/​Meetings/​s20/​spring2020MATYCONNflyer.pdf|Meeting Flyer]]  
 +[[http://​matyconn.matyc.org/​files/​Meetings/​s20/​MATYSpring2020MeetingREG_Form.pdf|Registration Form]] (You can edit this form online before printing) 
 +[[https://​forms.office.com/​Pages/​ResponsePage.aspx?​id=ePidZ3onakmsjdmeWGBt2eCGLODgrDFHmaK-zmXWtqFUNFE2MFBFNk1NNlpCMUQ0RzhHMk5NU05SRy4u|Online Registration Form]] ​